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Column from @Lulaschkas

Whats Duino-Coin?

Duino-Coin (DUCO) is a centralized digital currency without a blockchain.

Duco doesnt use a blockchain so far, because it is hard to work with it when the key device to mine with is a low power Microcontroller like an Arduino or ESP. This is the fundamental aspect of Duino Coin.

In order to make this work, the coin has a protection system called "Kolka" which limits the more powerful miners you would generally use with other crypto mining (like GPU and CPU mining). Learn more about Kolka here - look under too low Efficiency

Transactions are submitted almost instant and the Agorithms used for mining are DUCO-S1 (a little different version from SHA-1) and XXHASH.

There is no coin supply limit and the whole currency is very begginer friendly.

Also, because duco is mostly mined on Arduino and ESP it dont need that much electricity and comapred to other currencys it is pretty energy efficient.

Is mining duco profitable?

Short answer: no, you propably wont get that much out of it.
long answer: the other "profit" comes from it being a coin where you can learn something new, have fun mining it, and be part of an awesome community.

It is possible to exchange duco to other currencys but the exchange rate will not be that high. It might be more profitable than some other currencies because you have very low electricity usage. But keep in mind that the price in dollar for your DUCOs in an estimated price.

But for now, just mining for money might not be the best idea.

I cant predict the future. Maybe duco will rise, maybe it won't. The thing is we dont know. Telling you to mine it because "the price will rise and you will make millions" would be unfair.

What more should I know?

Duino-Coin is, as you may have noticed, very different from other crypto currencies.It was never the idea of DUCO to become the next payment system for some online shops or be the next Bitcoin.

All payments, blocks, user balances, and mining devices are publicly available over the DUCO API. Thats also how this website gets its data.

You can read more in the FAQ page or the GitHub repository

I have been mining DUCO since the middle of 2020, and I learn a lot about digital currecies and programming. I build mining lamps and other crazy things, and the whole thing is very fun for me. Maybe it will be for you :D

Duco still is a very young project which gets improved all time, so dont expect that everything works everytime ;)