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First of all, this dashboard is NOT directly associated with Duino-Coin.

This is more a "fan project" by me!

Hi, with this dashboard i want to give a better view about your miners. My goal is it to make software that inspires, helps and makes life easier.

You can impove this project on Github


To use the dashboard you must have a Duino-Coin account.

You can create one account HERE

Then just enter your username, no password is requiered. You can now see a loading screen which checks for two connections. a) The Websocket connection to the main server(wss:// and b) a connection to the api file balances.json (

With the balances file, the program also checks if your username is valid.

After this "ping check" the main dashboard will load. It gets the data from 3 API files:


And reloads them every 3 Seconds to fetch the data.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me in the official Duino-Coin Discord

Used Software:

I used the following awesome software to build this project:

  1. Bulma - CSS framework
  2. Gauge.js - Gauges for JS
  3. Chart.js - Charts for JS
  4. Font Awesome - Icons